Our mission is to provide intelligent, personalized, informative and guidance driven medical care to our patients, thus allowing them to be proactive partners in their healthcare.


Our goal is to restore energy & vitality, balance hormones, and prevent degenerative diseases by utilizing the highest level of current science to provide individualized programs for hormone restoration, nutrients, antioxidants, detoxification, lifestyle recommendations and beauty.


The BioIdentica Practice
Our practice aims to help you regain optimal cell function so that the body can do what it does best – keep you healthy!  If our lifespan was age 50, it would be a mute point, but considering the increased life span and the fact that our organs just do not function optimally from age 40 onwards, a proactive approach is just as reasonable to consider as a symptom based approach which is currently the medical standard.


The BioIdentica Philosophy
The body functions best when the cells are in their optimal state.  When you have symptoms (i.e. fatigue, weight gain, insomnia), they are from underlying imbalances in five basic areas:  1) hormones, 2) nutrition, 3) toxins, 4) mind and 5) body.  We believe that these imbalances are the source of degenerative conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cognitive decline, and arthritis.  Whether you are suffering from terminal cancer or you are young and healthy with a few symptoms, the imbalances lie in the same basic areas.


The BioIdentica Model

We help people regain optimal cell function by guiding them in correcting these basic imbalances with bio-identical hormones and science-based nutrition while removing the (toxicities in bowel, liver and tissue) which interfere with cell function.  In addition, we use science-based energetic intervention such as acupuncture.  Our growing array of non-invasive aesthetic treatments fulfills our primary aim of helping people feel better and look better.  Treatment plans are individualized and based on symptoms, exam and lab results so the guesswork is minimal.

At BioIdentica we realize we all get sick from time to time and experience occasional down periods; but if you are not generally feeling healthy and good about yourself most of the time, then something is wrong.  You should feel vital, energetic, optimistic and healthy.  You should feel able to handle whatever life sends your way, both physically and emotionally.  We understand staying fit and healthy in today’s fast-paced, stressful and toxic world is difficult task.  There are so many things you must actively do to maintain a lean physique, replenish your energy, keep a positive mental attitude, and avoid toxins.  You can’t take it for granted anymore or have unrealistic expectations that you’ll continue to feel like you did when you were younger.  No one can do this for you. It’s up to you to say, “YES – I want my life to be as vibrant, zesty and enjoyable as possible for many, many years to come!  I want to live younger longer!”

At BioIdentica Medical Center & Spa, we will teach you a life transforming approach to regaining the energy and vitality of your youth – without drugs or expensive health spa vacations so you can live the vibrant, purposeful life you were meant to live!  BioIdentica Medical Center & Spa is an innovative, Integrative Medicine facility where you receive preventive care and heal from the inside out and the outside in.  We partner with individuals who are on a quest to live better, longer.  We guide them in making fully informed, intelligent healthcare choices to restore optimal function so that their bodies can function optimally.


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